Why are we running this project?

In a confusing world, journalistic reporting about science and facts plays an important role: be it the documentation and analysis or the assessment and interpretation of our knowledge. Only those who are well-informed can make their voices heard. This applies particularly to times in which society talks about post-truth phenomena and public discourse apparently no longer manages to reach certain parts of society or target groups.

What are our goals?

Good science journalism should therefore enable the participation of many well-informed citizens in the public debate. This is done at its best with knowledge of the subject, a claim to seriousness, a journalistic sense for fascinating stories, and powerful presentation.

How does the project work?

In our programs "Diving into Science", "Innovation in Science Journalism" and "Masterclass Science Journalism", we offer journalists spaces for experimentation, networking and further education on scientific topics as well as on the new digital tool box for journalists. In particular, we are committed to establishing a network for more innovation in science journalism.

As an additional result of our programs, we helped to realize more than 30 journalistic pieces and projects - from book publications, interactive and multimedia websites, newspaper articles to radio features with virtual reality experiences.