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About the project

In the mobile and globalized world we live in, you can get the impression that international experience gained by participation in international student or youth exchange has become a matter of course for young people in Europe. But this is misleading. As an example, according to the estimations of experts, not even 10 % of the juveniles in Germany have taken part in such an international youth encounter.There are many reasons for this. However one main obstacle is the fact that many simply don’t have the confidence to take that step. Fear of the unknown and a lack of language skills play a major role here. Low-threshold offers play a key role too – and that’s where we are active. We are introducing the young people gently to international experiences which we hope will spark off their enthusiasm.This is where the project mobiklasse comes in. Eleven young animators go on a journey through the entire French territory, to encourage and enthuse French students to get to know not only the German language but also German culture. It is the aim of this initiative to renew a somewhat one-sided image of Germany of the French pupils and replace it with a more attractive, friendly and modern one. The animators see themselves as ambassadors for the enrichment that an encounter with your neighbors as well as the learning of a new language can constitute. The program reaches out to pupils of all ages in general as well as in vocational schools.In lighthearted lessons, the eleven animators make German culture and the German language accessible to the French pupils using techniques such as play-based learning, music, soccer-related word games, and a suitcase full of typical German objects. There are no limits to the imagination! is a joint project by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Franco-German Youth Office, the Federation of Franco-German Houses and the German Academic Exchange Service, supported by Mercedes-Benz France and the Goethe-Institute.Since 2002, groups of twelve young French people are visiting Germany every year as part of the partner program FranceMobil to get German students excited about France and the French language.

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Matthias Wandel
Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk (DFJW)
Molkenmarkt 1
10179 Berlin
Phone+49 30 28875754
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Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Maria Vogt
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-126
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