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What does Islam look like in Germany and how is the faith practiced in German mosques? Where do we stand 20 years after the legal dispute about the right to wear a headscarf? Where do you find Islamic religious instruction and who runs these classes? Mediendienst Integration (MDI), a media service devoted to matters of integration, discusses issues such as these with journalists, Muslim stakeholders, and experts. In an increasingly diverse society, the media are facing new challenges in reporting, and various social groups are demanding more public representation. To ensure differentiated reporting, mutual access is needed. MDI connects journalists and Muslim stakeholders, and facilitates the exchange of information on relevant topics. This way, journalists learn more about Islam and can expand their access to the community. In turn, Muslim voices are heard and people have the opportunity to contribute to authentic reporting.

MDI offers journalists and editorial departments practical and comprehensible basic information, background knowledge, new perspectives, and contacts to various experts and Muslim stakeholders through media tours, talks and interviews, and visits to editorial offices.

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