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About the project

How should I deal with teenagers who sympathize with right-wing or Islamist extremism? How can I keep young people from becoming hostile to certain sexual preferences, cultures, religions, or races? These are important questions in (extra)curricular youth work. "Land in Sicht" (Land ahoy!) aims to offer innovative training courses for social workers and educators. The project is specifically tailored to the demands of rural areas, helping professionals to deal with “generalizing rejection models.” To this end, the University of Esslingen, in cooperation with six partner organizations, is developing innovative continuing education measures for youth work professionals. The goal is to give young people access to meaningful, integrating extracurricular offerings in order to sensitize them to issues of right-wing extremism and racism.

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Kurt Möller
Hochschule Esslingen
Tel+49 711 397-4588
e-mail to Prof. Dr. Kurt Möller

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Elena Jung
Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-973
e-mail to Elena Jung