Why are we running this project?

Islamic pastoral care in hospitals or Muslim youth work in urban centers: Based on their skill sets, Muslims tend to establish their own important offerings in places where they live. Usually, Islamic communities advise their members in matters that go far beyond religious needs: They offer support in dealing with the authorities or on children’s school issues. As a result, local demand often leads to vital volunteer work.

What are our goals?

To endorse their role as influencers, we want to strengthen and enable Islamic communities and their representatives. As experts in Islamic community service, participants of the project were invited to have their say in determining and creating the seminar topics. In doing so, the focus was on personal conversations and direct contact with the responsible parties and decision makers of municipal authorities and institutions – a step that provided a new quality to the exchange between Islamic communities and municipal organizations. The effect can be felt far beyond individual training.

How does the project work?

In cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Goethe-Institut offered further training courses to c. 100 committed members of Islamic communities to support them in their endeavors. In Hamburg, Essen, Mannheim, Hamm, and Ingolstadt, participants had the opportunity to discuss with other local advocates and, if desired, improve their language skills.