Why are we running this project?

Going abroad makes a difference! Not only for the individual, but also for the society. Experiences abroad

  • change perspectives and broaden ones horizons and enable to understand complex interdependencies,
  • help to break down prejudices and to appreciate cultural diversity,
  • strengthen ones self-efficacy and encourages social commitment.

Therefore, in the long run, the experience of going abroad contributes to responsible behavior in a globalized world.

What are our goals?

Our vision is that an international experience should be a natural part in the career of every young individual in Europe. Against this background, the international school and youth exchange is of key importance. It offers young people an educationally accompanied experience abroad that reaches both their hearts and hands and inspires their minds. The international school and youth exchange therefore helps in shaping a young generation that will positively affect society and contribute to social cohesion.

How does the project work?

Together with our partners, active in school and non-school youth exchanges, we focus on:

  • highlighting the issue and creating awareness about its potentials
  • enhancing access and reaching new target groups
  • empowering key players and strengthening support.

The following projects are supported under the umbrella of  “Going abroad makes a difference”:

  • The international Initiative „Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung“
  • Study tours for political decision-makers
  • Initiative "Mobility of Mind in School Exchange"
  • Study on International Youth Exchanges: Access and Barriers