What are our goals?

The "German-Indian Classroom" program initiates and supports partnerships whose cooperation goes above and beyond student exchanges as they are commonly practiced up until this point. The main idea is to prepare the participating students for life and work in a globalized world. Students become acquainted with the other country's culture of working and training and develop a path to a successful partnership while overcoming cultural differences. To achieve this goal, the partner groups work collectively for an entire year on a jointly selected project. This is carried out both in a virtual "German-Indian classroom" as well as during a two-week visit each group pays to the other group.

How does the project work?

Topics which are implemented within the respective grade level's curriculum are particularly well suited. The continuous exchange of information between the two groups is carried out using state-of-the-art communication technologies, including an encrypted Internet platform. The groups use both German and English as working languages. In addition to improving their language skills and project-related expertise, their year-long, regular contact also increases each group's knowledge of the other country, helps the students to form lasting relationships with one another, and awakens their interest in further exchanges and future studies abroad.