Why are we running this project?

Highly qualified women continue to be underrepresented in top positions in science and academia in Germany. This is why it is of vital importance for excellent female scientists to strategically plan their academic career early on and gain a cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational understanding of the science system.

Since 2007, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has offered Fast Track, a program for young female scientists aspiring to a leadership position at a university or extramural research institution. The eleventh and last call for applications opened in February 2017; the last program cycle started in fall 2017 and will be completed in spring 2019.

What are our goals??

Fast Track was launched to enable excellent scientific talent to assume an exciting and responsible leadership role as a way to raise the proportion of promising female scientists in top positions in Germany.  

How does the project work?

It requires leaders with special skills and abilities to motivate people to deliver outstanding scientific performance. These skills, however, are not yet a focus of the academic training. But they are in Fast Track: The core elements of the program are four seminars that build upon another and teach career-relevant social and leadership skills.

On top of that, the program offers various networking formats:  Fireside talks and roundtable discussions allow the young scientists to enter into an exchange with experienced researchers and members of society.