Why are we running this project?

The “Europa21. Thinking tomorrow’s society” event series at the Leipzig Book Fair invites visitors to join international guests in reflecting upon and discussing the future of Europe. We want to encourage critical thinking and new ideas – free of political constraints and national self-interests that often enough tend to kill constructive debate about common challenges. The focus in these efforts is on a differentiated and (self-)critical assessment of current political issues, the general understanding of European societies, and historical developments of the European Community. This approach is key to establishing a culture of open dialog, but also to developing a shared vision for the continent.

What are our goals?

With the program focus Europa21, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Leipzig Book Fair offer writers, academics, journalists, artists, and civically engaged citizens an international platform for constructive dialog. Bringing different ideas to the table, creative minds can debate challenges of the present and delicate issues of the past, and can enter into a dialog with the audience about solidarity and inclusiveness in a future Europe.

How does the project work?

The curator of the third and final edition of the event series is the multilingual journalist and author Mohamed Amjahid (born 1988 in Frankfurt am Main). This year’s program includes six panel discussions covering essential aspects such as (regional) identities and an awareness of history, prosperity, cohesion, and solidarity from different, international perspectives. In the “Duel on Europe”, competing visions for tomorrow’s Europe are advocated, reflected, and commented upon. This way, “Thinking tomorrow’s society” is also an invitation to the general public to join the reflection and exchange, making the project one of our contributions to a more objective debate on Europe and to increasing the diversity of voices offering new ideas and involvement.