Past Events

China and North Korea: Obscure Alliance

The U.S. have made very clear demands of North Korea: Nuclear disarmament in exchange for an end to sanctions. But what exactly are China’s interests in relations with its neighbor – and vice versa?

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Competition of Powers

The U.S. Administration imposes tariffs on China, China responds with tariffs on U.S. imports. What's next? Cooperation, competition or confrontation? Experts from China, Europe, and the United States discussed the perspectives in Berlin.

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Quo vadis, China?

Following elections in Europe, another major political event with global implication is about to take place: the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Delegates are set to vote for a new leadership panel, charting the country’s future political course. What are the challenges China will be facing in the years ahead? This question was subject of the event "Engaging with China" in Berlin.

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"Women Carry Half of Heaven on Their Shoulders"

Young women in China are under enormous social pressure, and economic inequality between the genders is increasing as well: While women earned an average of 80 percent of their male colleagues’ annual salary in 1990, the ratio had fallen to 60 percent by 2010. So what is the current status when it comes to the role of women in China? A panel discussion in Berlin provided insight.

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How Cities Are Shaping China’s Future

In hardly any other country, urbanization is progressing as fast as in China. How can this development be human and sustainable?

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China's Civil Society Under Pressure

Next year China will introduce a new law on the regulation of foreign NGOs. In Berlin, experts discussed the contents and possible effects.

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No Looking Back – China Would Rather Forget the Cultural Revolution

It started with an orgy of violence – 50 years ago Mao Zedong initiated the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution". The effects can still be seen in today’s politics. At the event series "Engaging with China" authors and scientists discussed how the revolution is interpreted and remembered today in China.

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About the Project

“Engaging with China” provides a platform for high-ranking speakers from Germany, the US, China and other Asian countries to explore economic, political and societal issues related to China. Experts are chosen not only for their high-quality input but also because their perspectives contribute to a more nuanced approach to China, which involves questioning mainstream notions or oversimplifying narratives.

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