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At daycare centers as in other places, understanding is key for integration and personal development. While migrant children tend to learn the language of their new home country relatively quickly, parents often struggle and communication poses a challenge. In these cases, daycare center teams benefit from experienced language mediators. In this training course specifically developed for application in daycare centers, multilingual people are becoming qualified as parent–preschool language mediators. They build bridges between preschool staff and parents, they interpret and are sensitive to different points of view and perceptions. ElKiS are used in individual discussions with parents. In these discussions, the preschools’ approaches and the parents’ childcare expectations are clarified. Together, they also determine how the child’s development can be encouraged. The aim is to create a genuine partnership in terms of education and childcare between parents and childcare facilities for the benefit of the child. The project of Verein Friedenskreis Halle, a non-profit committed to promoting peace, is run in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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Jana-Maria Keine
Project Manager
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