Why are we running this project?

Young people in Germany are growing up in a society that is as colorful and diverse as never before. Contact between people from different social, cultural, or religious circles is of key importance to mutual understanding and social cohesion. This is where the “Diversity Workshop” projects come into play – building bridges between different living environments. They contribute to a lively neighborhood in the community or village. The help make diversity the norm.


What are our goals?

While participating in the program, children should not only learn to accept diversity, but also to help themselves to make a diverse neighbourhood a lively place.


How does the project work?

If a project is accepted into the “Diversity Workshop,” it doesn’t only receive financial support – during an individual project workshop those responsible for the project also get tips from specialists, discuss experiences, and provide suggestions for improving the program.

Since 2017 we also support the transfer of successful projects, promoting diversity.