Why are we running this project?

A vibrant civil society is the basis of democracy, human rights, and cohesion, because people stand up for each other and for their common values. We want to promote the strong structures this requires.

In doing so, we have noticed that digital change poses major challenges for civil society. New opportunities, greater efficiency, greater impact – these are some of the benefits. But they don’t just come about. Digitalization involves infrastructure as much as organizational development, new skill sets, cultural changes, and a strategic understanding of opportunities, risks, and limitations.

Our goal is a civil society that becomes stronger through digital change and contributes positively to it.

To achieve all this, associations, foundations, and non-profit corporations need support. DigitalDabei!, a support initiative for diversity, participation, and democracy, supports civil society organizations in implementing digital projects.

What are our goals?

Firstly, we want to foster the creation of effective offerings in the field of digitalization and civil society through digital projects implemented by civil society organizations. Secondly, we want participating organizations to advance their skills in dealing with digital change.

How does the project work?

From June 1 through 30, 2019, non-profit organizations that do not possess special digital expertise may submit their digital project idea in response to our call for proposals. The Robert Bosch Stiftung will support the selected projects with between €10,000 and a maximum of €40,000. In addition to this financial support, the Robert Bosch Stiftung also offers networking opportunities to help project managers exchange ideas.

Who are the target groups?

The support initiative is aimed at existing non-profit organizations without special digital expertise (i.e. digital novices or pioneers) that want to implement a digital project with a focus on diversity, participation, or democracy.

Where is the project run?

The support initiative and the selected projects are run in Germany.