Why are we running this project?

Digital change is in full swing and transforming the world we live in. To master this change successfully, we need a strong and committed civil society. This is a great challenge, as many organizations lack the necessary skills, time, and funding. At the same time, however, there is also great potential to tap: new opportunities, greater efficiency, more impact. Besides technical development and infrastructure, digitalization also affects organizational development as well as social and cultural issues, and it requires strategic understanding of opportunities, risks, and limits.

What are our goals?

Our goal is a civil society that gains strength from digital change and ultimately has a share in shaping it in the interests of society. Associations, foundations, and charitable companies need support to drive their own digitalization where it makes sense and to shape digital change and its effects on society for the benefit of their target groups.

How does the project work?

With #Digital Agenda Civil Society, we support

  • the exchange of experiences among civil society organizations in order to share good practices and inspiration;
  • the development of customized digital strategies in civil society organizations to allow these organizations to take targeted action;
  • the training of representatives of these organizations to establish digital leadership skills;
  • various specific digital projects to promote innovation and strengthen organizations in dealing with digitalization;
  • the visibility of civil society in the debate about digital change to make its contributions clearer and give its organizations more of a voice.  

Who are the target groups?

The projects under the umbrella of the #Digital Agenda Civil Society are aimed at civil society organizations that want to have a share in shaping digital change in the interests of society.

Where is the project run?

All projects are run in Germany.

Who organizes and supports the project? 

We are cooperating with various partners from civil society and federal ministries.