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Digital services for immigrants

New Links into Society

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In Brief

About the project

Women who have recently immigrated are in particular need of information and advice on a range of issues relating to social participation, and they are often unaware of where to find the information they need in a form that they are able to understand. They often search for such information on digital media, in particular on social media. So far, the extent to which relevant stakeholders have leveraged these to reach the target group has been limited. This is where Digital Active Women comes in. Based on the citizen science approach and together with co-researchers from a variety of communities, Minor is developing specific recommendations and models for customized digital advice and information services for recent female immigrants. Aimed at better coordinating needs and services in this area, the focus is on support offered by municipalities, immigration and social service centers , as well as self-run organizations for immigrants dedicated to matters of education, health, and work, as well as political and civic participation.

Contact person

Ildikó Pallmann
Project coordinator
Minor – Project office for education and research
Phone+49 30 457989518
e-mail to Ildikó Pallmann

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Julia Teek
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-440
e-mail to Julia Teek