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About the Project

In a digitally and globally connected world, it is important to create a space in which young people from different countries can exchange opinions and ideas and inspire each other. Common Futures Conversations focuses on the exchange between committed, young people from Africa and Europe to strengthen the cooperation between the two continents and uncover fresh potential. The networking takes place on a digital platform, co-developed jointly by 27 representatives from the two continents. The online platform allows young people from diverse backgrounds to freely express their ideas and concerns regarding international and global challenges and development trends and exchange views. The network facilitates dialogues and discussions with experts and decision-makers from various fields in order to develop solutions together which will then become part of the international debate and relevant decision-making processes. The project also offers accompanying workshops on field research, dialogue moderation, and networking. The Project was co-created with the support of young people form the following countries: CĂ´te d'Ivoire, Estonia, Ethiopia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Romania, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tunisia, the UK, and Zambia.

Contact person

Ben Horton
Communications Manager
Chatham House - The Royal Institute of International Affairs
Phone+44 (0) 20 073143662
e-mail to Ben Horton

Contact at the Foundation

Kerstin Schulz
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-332
e-mail to Kerstin Schulz