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Why were we running this project?

Chronic conditions and multiple morbidities will remain a major challenge for the health care system in the foreseeable future and require suitable approaches in treatment, monitoring and health promotion. Physicians and health care specialists face increasing demands when caring for people with chronic conditions and multiple morbidities. To meet these complex demands continuous training and education, as well as innovative concepts are required. In this context, a professional exchange of opinions and experiences with colleagues from abroad can provide important ideas and findings.

What were our goals?

By expanding their horizons beyond national borders, the participants experienced new, patient-oriented and cross-occupational approaches in an authentic context and applied these to the health care sector when returning to Germany.

How did the project work?

The program offered participants the opportunity to take educational trips abroad focused on the topics of chronic conditions and multiple morbidities. The foundation funded visitations for periods of one to a maximum of eight weeks. During this time institutions provided educational and practical, as well as advanced training and education seminars and participation in conferences.

Who were the target groups?

The program aimed at professional actors and decision-makers from all professional groups who were involved in the care of people with chronic and multiple diseases.