Why are we running this project?

Providing individual support for children and young people who have recently immigrated represents a great challenge for schools, communities, and responsible authorities. Between integration and standard courses, there is often too little time for ongoing individual support that is urgently necessary - and for the transition from school to professional life. Up to now, there have been no permanent offerings in teacher training that specialize in preparation for both the needs and potentials of this particular target group.

What are our goals?

In so doing, the project drives the partnerships between various educationally relevant players in the Bochum region forward and contributes to meeting the growing need for a linguistically sensitive academic and vocational culture of education.

How does the project work?

Within the context of a summer school, the Bochum Sprachförderturm for language promotion brings children and young people who have recently immigrated together with students studying education at Ruhr University Bochum. As part of learning partnerships, the children and young people benefit from individual, needs-oriented language instruction.

Who are the target groups?

Education students from all subject areas are able to gather practical experience beyond the university lecture hall. For this, they are provided with comprehensive training by an interdisciplinary team and accompanied along their way.