Why are we running this project?

If you have a job, you’re in. If you don’t, you may be excluded from many areas of social life. Europe has been dealing with persistent chronic unemployment for years, to the extent that it characterizes entire societies. After all, employment encompasses so much more than financial stability: social status, access to education and training, cultural inclusion, and last but not least, the feeling of being needed are all closely connected to the topic of (un)employment.

What are our goals?

Together with Impact Hub, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is exploring employment as a factor of social participation. The "beyond (un)employment" program aims at developing a deep understanding of the reasons, influencing factors, and obstacles around (un)employment in its local context. Furthermore, concrete solutions will be developed and implemented.

How does the project work?

All European Impact Hub locations were invited to apply to the program by submitting their proposals on the topic most relevant to their local environment. Each of the five selected Impact Hubs (see below) then built a working group of 20 people with various backgrounds. During the discovery phase, the group members developed a deep understanding of ‘their’ local challenge – such as youth unemployment, social inclusion of the unemployed or alternative employment models. In order to tackle the particular challenges identified, each of the five groups developed concrete solution packages, which are currently being tested and implemented in their local environment. In doing so, new partnerships are being built and new forms of collaborations can be tried out. On top of that, ambassadors of each team meet on a regular basis in order to exchange about accomplishments, challenges, methods, target groups, and open questions. The transnational exchange between the groups enhances all participants’ understanding of employment as a main factor of social inclusion in Europe. Ultimately, a transsectoral and transnational network of experts and changemakers will strengthen Europe’s civil society in the long term.

Who organizes and sponsors the project?

The program is coordinated by Impact Hub Global and run in cooperation with the Impact Hubs in Moscow, Florence, Birmingham, Zagreb, and Yerevan.