You love your city and have an idea to improve it?

We help you translate it into action! Our program is open to residents of all 47 Council of Europe member states, Kosovo and Belarus. We support up to ten local teams with a joint project proposal for their city. Participants should work in the nonprofit, private or public sector. Deadline for applications is September 29, 2019.

The project you apply with needs to address a current challenge or need related to sustainable urban development in your city, such as affordable housing, energy and climate change, mobility, social inclusion, circular and sharing economies, and so on. We’re specifically interested in projects that focus on one of these questions:

  • How can nature-based solutions make our cities better places?
  • How can communities be activated to co-shape their urban environments?
  • How can neglected spaces be re-imagined as vital and conscious hubs for cities under pressure?