Why are we running this project?

In Tunisia, a large number of public, civil society, academic, and international stakeholders are committed to promoting gender equality. However, they do not have a comprehensive network available that would allow them to connect their individual activities and approaches, or share information and contacts. Especially among advocates of gender equality in the capital and their counterparts in rural areas, there is hardly any exchange of information and very little cooperation.

What are our goals?

The 3eshra project hopes to change this: Ten Fellows are currently focusing on creating local, regional, and national networks on gender equality, called Communities of Practice, across the country. These networks will allow all parties involved to exchange experiences and coordinate their activities.

How does the project work?

The respective initiatives and projects will be presented online. The network, selected projects, and many of the committed participants will be introduced during the final conference in Tunis in spring 2019.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The 3eshra project is conducted in collaboration and partnership with the Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF).