Gender Equality Is Men and Women | L’égalité des genres est l'affaire des hommes et des femmes

Tunisia started the fight against all types of gender discrimination. In our interview we are talking to Fatma Amri and Riadh Bechir, who are supporting gender equality.

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In brief

About the Project

In Tunisia, a large number of different stakeholders are committed to promoting gender equality. However, they do not have a comprehensive network available that would allow them to connect their individual activities and approaches, or share information and contacts. Especially among advocates of gender equality in the capital and their counterparts in rural areas, there is hardly any exchange of information and very little cooperation. The 3eshra project hopes to change this.

Contact person

Slim Bahrini
Maghreb Economic Forum
Tel+49 0216 531-72107
e-mail to Slim Bahrini

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Irene Weinz
Senior Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-160
e-mail to Irene Weinz