Our Strategy for the Topic "Cultural Participation"

Our support activities center on cultural participation among children and young people. We are convinced that experiencing culture as well as their own artistic creativity is a vital component in children’s and young people’s personal development and education. In particular, we lend support to cultural institutions in opening their doors to new audiences and reflecting diversity – thereby redefining their role in a changing society.

We rely on a subject-specific and a target group-specific approach: In promoting literature, we want to cooperate with cultural institutions, partners, and authors to provide schools with long-term opportunities for the promotion of literature and to establish special learning centers (subject-specific approach). In the area of early-childhood cultural education, we provide access to art and culture for the very youngest children. We are convinced that encounters with art and culture beginning in early childhood can be instrumental to their social involvement? (target group-specific approach).

Furthermore, we build networks between experts, action groups, educational and cultural institutions, and public decision-makers in order to advance the specialist discourse about potential cultural participation – particularly in the areas of literature promotion and cultural education in early childhood.