Workshop for Digital Learning

How can digital media enrich school lessons? At the start of the Forum on Digitizing Education, we are seeking schools that have already started changing their institutional and learning culture through the use of digital media. They can share their experiences and learn from one another at a workshop.

Robert Bosch Stiftung | September 2016

How can digital media enrich school lessons and promote greater participation and equality? The Forum on Digitizing Education invites schools to a systematic exchange on these questions with the goal of learning from and with one another. Three topics will be in focus:

Personalized learning with digital media

Skills for the digitized world

Change management and organizational development

Schools that would like to share their experiences with digital media and also learn from other pioneer schools can apply to participate in the workshop by November 8, 2016. About 20 to 30 schools that have already had initial experiences in reshaping their school and learning culture through the use of digital media will take part in the workshop. They will share the factors in their successes and failures as well as identify developmental needs for schools undergoing a digital transformation.

The application phase for the workshop started in conjunction with a conference by the same name held in Berlin, where roughly 180 experts from schools, research facilities, civil society, and educational administration attended to share and discuss their diverse experiences. "Digitization in schools has to be more than simply updating the IT infrastructure. We need suitable educational concepts, intelligent materials, and teachers who know how to use the tools available," says Uta-Micaela Dürig, Chief Executive Officer of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. "With today’s conference and the Forum on Digitizing Education, we not only want to highlight how important this topic is, but also offer concrete support to schools."