Good Ideas for Schools: The German School Portal

A new platform for schools went live in early May: The German School Portal offers information, inspiration, and discussion on practical issues of classroom teaching, educational policy, and scientific research.

Robert Bosch Stiftung | May 2018
Schülerin mit Tablet
Julian Baumann

Schools face a special responsibility in dealing with social developments: They always have to respond quickly to changes and challenges to make sure that children and teenagers are prepared well for the future while ensuring a level playing field for all of them, irrespective of background and social status. The German School Portal aims to support school administrators and teachers, as well as share information and inspiration – for developing innovative lesson plans, the school itself, and school life.

“For more good schools,” is the motto of the German School Portal. The online platform is an independent professional medium for anyone interested or involved in school and lesson development.

Practical examples and inspiration for school and lesson development

The main focus of the German School Portal is on the innovative pedagogical concepts of schools that have won the German School Award since 2006. Presented in films, images, and texts, these concepts are offered in a way that makes them transferrable to other schools. The best-practice examples cover a wide range of topics: from digitalization to self-directed learning and cooperation among teachers.

In addition to these concepts, the German School Portal offers a wealth of information on classroom teaching, school culture, schools as stakeholders in their environment, and the education system – ranging from the latest news to in-depth expert interviews and entertaining commentaries. The portal’s own editorial team scouts the latest topics, discussions, and trends, and presents content from the online offerings of leading media companies to give users a comprehensive view of the current debate about schools and education.