Going Abroad Makes a Difference

International experiences greatly benefits the individual, but also society. The change of perspectives broadens ones horizons, helps break down prejudices, and, in the long run, enables successful and responsible behavior in a globalised world. Therefore, every young person in Europe should have the chance to gain international experience.

Robert Bosch Stiftung | June 2017

International youth service is effective: It offers young people a chance for intercultural exchange, fosters their appreciation for diversity, and empowers them to approach conflicts constructively and to actively participate in society. International meetings of young people have plenty of potential for learning, but there is not enough recognition for those young people who have truly developed personally during their stays in other countries.

The commemorative day Aktionstag International on June 8 aims to highlight this topic and is accompanied by the social media campaign #internationalheart. The Robert Bosch Stiftung is part of this day and meets with members of the German Bundestag in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Nationwide, students have the opportunity to hand over proposals to their government representatives about how to strengthen international exchange.

What's to Come

The International Initiative "Aktionsb├╝ndnis Anerkennung" will continue the dialog on June 13 with a "politicy BBQ" in Berlin where representatives from the German Bundestag, youth organizations, and former participants in international exchange will come together.

A Chance for All Young People!