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Robert Bosch Stiftung in moving images

What is the Robert Bosch Stiftung committed to? We present our work in a "Global Art Space".

SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival 2021

How does justice work? We all have the right to have freedom and equal rights. The reality, however, often looks different. But how can we tackle inequality? This year's SILBERSALZ is looking for answers.

These are the 50 finalists of Falling Walls Engage 2021

With 189 applications from 80 countries, the selection of the best Science Engagement projects worldwide started in 2021.

Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2021: Verena Seufert

Robert Bosch Junior Professor 2020: Linus Mattauch

Linus Mattauch wants to explore how climate protection can be made into an economically attractive prospect around the world, without creating any new injustices.

Shaping Our Future Together

Congratulations to the United Nations (UN): The organization is celebrating its 75th anniversary. To mark this occasion, the UN Secretary General launched a global conversation.C

#aufgenommen: The whole world in one place

On September 23th, 2019, UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg celebrates its fifth anniversary. Three alumni reflect on their first impressions and what they learned during their time at the college.

Film Prize Award Ceremony 2019

Founding of the EU-China Twinning Alumni Network in Hongkong

For the 5 year anniversary of the EU-China Twinning Program, former participants gathered in Hong Kong to establish an alumni network.

Falling Walls Engage 2018

Falling Walls Engage is an international platform for all forms of science engagement, that took place for the first time in 2018 during the Falling Walls Conference.

70 Years of the Basic Law: Federal Constitutional Court Justice Peter Müller in an Interview

The Ball on its Long Journey to the World Cup

“The Ball” will have toured 18 countries arriving ultimately in Russia. And everybody who kicks or heads the ball can sign it.

2018 School of the Year

The Evangelische Schulzentrum in Greifswald wins the German School Award 2018, which is endowed with 100,000 euros.

Science Conference The Next Einstein Forum 2018 in Rwanda

#FairCompacts - Die Zivilgesellschaft im Dialog mit Bundesregierung und UNO

Die Vereinten Nationen haben Entwürfe für globale Migrationspakte vorgelegt. In Berlin trafen sich Vertreter zivilgesellschaftlicher Organisationen zu einem BarCamp, um die Entwürfe zu diskutieren und eigene Impulse in die laufenden Verhandlungen der UNO einzubringen.

Jacqueline Loos: Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2018

Proposals for sustainable care

Interview with Franz Wagner, President of Deutscher Pflegerat.

Film Prize Award Ceremony 2018

Award ceremony of the 2018 Film Prize for International Cooperation of the Robert Bosch Stiftung at Berlinale Talents.

"Young people are going to vote with their feet"

Future Fellow Hanna S. Tetteh on the issue of migration and climate change discussed during the Richard von Weizsäcker Forum, the annual community event of the Robert Bosch Academy.  

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