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About the project

Soccer reaches and excites people like almost no other sport. But time and again violence and racist chants also occur in the stadiums. The project Learning in Stadiums fills them with political education instead.

The Lernort Stadion (Learning in Stadiums) project takes advantage of young people’s fascination with all things soccer in order to spark their enthusiasm for political education, as well as enhance their social skills. Once a behind-the-scenes tour is completed, the stadium becomes a learning center where young people discuss societal and political topics like social inclusion, racism, homophobia, and violence prevention. Journalist and presenter Oliver Welke is the patron of the "Learning in Stadiums” project.

What began in 2009 with a few model locations has now become a network of 17 learning centers throughout Germany, coordinated by the organization Lernort Stadion e.V. and with new learning centers constantly being added. After eight years as the primary sponsor, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has now handed the "captain’s armband" over to the DFL Stiftung (German soccer league foundation – formerly the Bundesliga Stiftung).

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Senior Project Manager
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