Why are we running this project?

We have all been affected by the societal developments emerging within the context of the migration of refugees. In order for us to all live together, we have to strengthen social cohesion and support and actively shape an open society characterized by diversity and solidarity.

What are our goals?

With the Get Together! Strengthening Dialog between Refugees and Local Communities program, we support on-site contact between local populations and refugees on an equal footing in Germany.

How does the project work?

Joining forces to work toward a common goal – newcomers and people who have lived in a particular area for some time get the ball rolling on projects and benefit from each other’s strengths, skills, and experiences. Ideally, all participants of a project will have the same rights and responsibilities with regard to the structure of a contact meeting. Target groups for the projects are, first and foremost, adults with and without a refugee background.