Focus Area Social Cohesion in Germany and Europe

Every one of us can take on responsibility for the common good
What holds us together? In a society that continues to become more diverse and in which old structures such as families and clubs are losing their power to unite, there are numerous potential breaking points: between young and old, haves and have-nots, urban and rural, religious and nonreligious, Christian and Muslim.

The strengthening of social cohesion in Germany and Europe forms a focus area of our work. In health and science as in education and international understanding: With our projects, we promote an open and cohesive society in which all people have the opportunity to shape their living environment – regardless of their social, ethnic, or cultural background. Every one of us can take on responsibility for the common good, and the more people who actively embrace this responsibility, the stronger the "social fabric" that holds us together becomes.

In the focus area "Social Cohesion in Germany and Europe," we concentrate on three aspects:

  • Compromise on values and attitudes
  • Active citizenry and participation
  • Equal opportunity and fair access

Compromise on Values and Attitudes
We support compromise on mutual values and principles that form the foundation of our ability to live together in Germany and Europe. In this process, the discussion about values resulting from various religious concepts is especially important. For us, one central topic is the immediate living environment: your school, your community, your career. Here, various environments and attitudes collide. European understanding can only be achieved if the positive effects of European integration are experienced in everyday life and personal experiences are made. In this way, with our projects, we counteract populistic, anti-European, and antidemocratic movements in numerous member states of the European Union and in the surrounding regions.

Active Citizenry and Participation
A democratic, social, and solidly united municipality needs committed citizens to take responsibility for themselves and others in their community. In Germany and Europe, we give strength to these players in civil society and support their ideas and responses to the current societal questions. We promote the international exchange among committed citizens and pay special attention to the participation of "silent" groups such as young people. We incorporate new forms of civic involvement such as socioentrepreneurial approaches and social movements into our work.

Equal Opportunity
Equal opportunity and fair access are two important keys for social cohesion. That is why we develop and support plans that enable all citizens appropriate access to education and science, culture, health care, and other social services. In order to achieve the necessary structural changes, we work together with the institutions that shape these structures: hospitals, ministries, policy makers and administration in the federal government, states and municipalities, and civic organizations.

Featured Activities
Projects of the Focus Area
"On y va - auf geht’s - let's go!"

"On y va - auf geht’s - let's go!"

The European program aims at combining the support for civil voluntary commitment and for the comprehensive goal of bringing French, German and citizens from at least one other EU country closer together.

Dialog with Time. The Interactive Exhibition

Dialog with Time. The Interactive Exhibition

The exhibition plays a key role in enabling both young and old to approach old age and aging in an interactive and experience-driven manner, as well as in prompting a discussion on how we view age in our society.

Let’s Have a Say in Local Politics

Let’s Have a Say in Local Politics

Get involved! Have your say! Help decide! We are supporting young people in Baden-Württemberg who want to get involved in their local area and take part in political decision-making processes.