Science and Research

Building bridges between science and society
We are searching for new ways to bridge the gap between science and society in order to find joint solutions for living together in the future. In this process, the participation and the active contribution of all parts of society are pivotal to us.

Society and science are closely interrelated. Science can shape society by generating new knowledge, by educating and qualifying future problem solvers and decision-makers, and by incorporating knowledge from and into society. Considering the great challenges we are facing with regard to climate change, resource scarcity, rapid urbanization and societal cohesion, we foster research in these areas in Germany, Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa.

We are convinced that science must be anchored in society in order to benefit society as a whole. Therefore, science needs to reach far beyond the pure communication of scientific results and needs to include citizens’ demands whenever possible. Ultimately, all parts of society should benefit from, take part in, and understand research processes and deriving outcomes. This interlinkage of science and society enriches societal discourses and qualifies them.

We focus on complementary approaches and pilot projects which are often overlooked in traditional science funding. Accordingly, our current projects concentrate on promoting research in the areas of sustainability and urbanization, on strengthening science communication and networking, and on supporting women in science.

Publications in this area of support
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Robert Bosch Stiftung (ed.)  No More Excuses! - Leading women in science  Read and recommend
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