International Relations

Film Prize

Our main goal when promoting films is international understanding, since film is a particularly well-suited and popular medium in this regard. We are currently focused on German–Arab film projects. With our Film Prize for International Cooperation Germany/Arab World, we support German–Arab film teams in the following categories: short feature film, animated film, and documentary film.
Each year, 12 teams are nominated from a large number of applications and are invited to a nominees forum in Berlin. Here they complete several training courses to prepare them for the realities of film production. They participate in workshops on topics relating to coproduction and become acquainted with key players in the German film scene.
Ahead of the forum for nominated teams, team-building and training measures are carried out in the Arab world (such as in Amman, Cairo, and Bremerhaven), to which German participants are also invited. As part of the Berlin International Film Festival, each year the jury convenes to select and recommend up to three film teams from all those nominated to give financial support to.
In addition to striving to achieve high production values, the focus of the program is also to encourage cooperation as part of an international team.
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