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The Robert Bosch Stiftung is actively involved in many countries on several continents. Here you can find our programs and activities by country, focus area, and keyword.
|Society|Support in the Field of Literature
Adelbert von Chamisso Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung
This literary prize honors outstanding German-language authors whose work is shaped by a change of culture. Furthermore, the award winners are united through their unusual way of using the language in a manner which enriches German literature.
|International Relations America and Asia|Dialog and Exchange
Border Crossers China - Germany
We are looking for authors who dare to take a look for themselves, question conventional opinions, and want to collect firsthand information. Publications should be able to reach a wide audience, motivate them to discuss, and develop more understanding for foreign cultures.
|International Relations Europe and its Neighbors|Dialog and Exchange
Border Crossers Europe and its Neighbors
We support authors preparing publications that focus on making Central and Eastern European or North African issues accessible to a wide audience both in Germany and abroad.
|International Relations Europe and its Neighbors|Dialog and Exchange
DVA-Stiftung’s Translator Funding
DVA-Stiftung has established translator funding programs in the areas of literature, theater, the humanities, and social sciences, in order to intensify dialog between German and French culture.
|International Relations Europe and its Neighbors|Dialog and Exchange
Europa21. Thinking tomorrow’s society
We are offering writers, academics, journalists, artists, and civically engaged citizens a platform at the Leipzig Book Fair for a constructive dialog on the future of Europe regarding immigration and refugees.
|International Relations Europe and its Neighbors|Dialog and Exchange
Tarabya Translation Prize
The dual prize consists of one main prize and one newcomer achievement prize for the best translations of German literature into Turkish as well as Turkish literature into German.
|International Relations Europe and its Neighbors|Dialog and Exchange
ViVaVostok - Children’s and Youth Literature from Central and Eastern Europe
We open the door for the best and most exciting authors of children’s and youth literature from Central and Eastern European countries to present their works in German-speaking regions.