Focus Area Migration, Integration, and Inclusion

Embracing and structuring the plurality of cultures and religions
It is just about impossible to imagine Germany today without cultural and religious diversity: Migrants become German citizens. Different cultures and religions live in close proximity and are dependent on each other for their future. Globalization is no longer an abstract phenomenon - it has arrived in full force.

Even events that occur in supposedly far-off regions of the world have a direct impact on our daily lives. Probably no other crisis in recent memory demonstrated this connection as clearly as the question of dealing with refugees in Europe. We now have to go from crisis management and the initial care of refugees to medium- to long-term strategies for their integration and inclusion in society.

With our projects, we demonstrate that our society can embrace and structure the plurality of cultures and religions. Our work has a real-world focus and promotes an effective welcoming culture of recognition for immigrants to Germany. Against that backdrop, we are concentrating on two aspects:

  • The integration and participation of migrants in Germany in health, education, science, and civil society
  • Open and objective discourse about migration in Germany and Europe

Integration and Participation of Migrants

How living together can be achieved in a diverse society is decided in a local context. That is why we support the establishment of institutions and offerings for new target groups and thus the opportunity for all people living in Germany to participate in society. Target groups of our work include administrative, educational, health, and cultural institutions, civic organizations, volunteers, and refugees.

Open and Objective Discourse about Migration

We see ourselves as an independent platform for the qualified discussions between experts and decision-makers. Using practical and fundamental research projects, we expand the knowledge base of the discussions on migration - in particular on the influx of refugees - and develop different courses of action. We support projects that make compromise on collaborative European refugee policies possible. We foster differentiated reporting as well as civic and cultural projects that strengthen an open and cohesive attitude toward migrants. Our target group consists of academics and experts, as well as decision-makers from the worlds of politics, administration, business and civil society, nongovernmental organizations and lobby groups, cultural institutions, civic initiatives, and journalists.


Foto: Theodor Barth
Featured Activities
Projects of the Focus Area
Islamic Affairs Consultant as Part of the Partnership with Muslims in Baden-Württemberg

Islamic Affairs Consultant as Part of the Partnership with Muslims in Baden-Württemberg

The Islamic Consultant assists communities and Islamic organizations in order to strengthen their Islam-related skills and help Islamic figures become more involved.

Forum "Integration ermöglichen - Zusammenhalt stärken"

Forum "Integration ermöglichen - Zusammenhalt stärken"

The Federal President of Germany and the Robert Bosch Stiftung host the forum "Integration ermöglichen - Zusammenhalt stärken" (Enabling Integration - Strengthening Solidarity) and discuss the topic with experts, scientists, politicians, and volunteers.

Participation in Day Care Centers

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Participation in Day Care Centers

The participation of children is an important quality factor for the work of Day Care Centers.