A holistic perspective
Future viability is the core demand society and its institutions must meet today. A modern education system must prepare young people to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Education-related projects facilitate and reinforce social orientation, participation, and cohesion through learning. They are seen as contributing toward the creation of equal opportunities across society and are also considered to be a tool for integration. All projects and initiatives are aimed at helping to promote the development, consolidation, and enhancement of the German education system. Against that backdrop, we are concentrating on the areas of preschool and school education.

Publications in this area of support
Robert Bosch Stiftung (Hg.)  Der Deutsche Schulpreis - Preisträger 2016  Read and recommend
Robert Bosch Stiftung (Hg.)  Gute Schule - so geht's  Read and recommend
Dirk Richter, Hans Anand Pant  Study: Lehrerkooperation in Deutschland  Read and recommend
  Handbook Good School - Six Quality Areas for Future Education  Read and recommend