International Relations

Dialog and Exchange

Begegnung und Dialog
We are convinced that direct, personal contact is the easiest way to improve relationships between different countries. We create platforms for the exchange of opinions and ideas across national borders and, in doing so, help create a realistic and nuanced view of the respective other country. 
The focus of our projects is to create a dialog about issues that affect us all equally. To this end, we use a variety of different approaches, such as educational and cultural projects or collaborations with academic experts and journalists. 
In this way, we address key communicators and decision-makers at various levels, such as high school and university students, young executives, educators, journalists, cultural managers and artists, academics, and politicians.

We are active in the following fields:

Promoting International Young Leaders

In the "Promoting International Young Leaders" area of activity, we focus on those who will shape the future. We bring up-and-coming leaders together for bilateral and multilateral, issue-based exchange and make international work stays possible. Our goal is to enhance the open-mindedness and cosmopolitan attitude of future decision-makers early on, for example during their education and at the beginning of their careers. We want to create enthusiasm for international collaboration and the respective target countries, as well as to teach skills that are essential to success on the international stage. Our short- and long-term programs are geared toward outstanding high school students, university students, young professionals, and leaders who have already climbed the first rungs of the career ladder.


Journalists play a crucial role in disseminating thoughts, ideas, opinions, and assessments. Their view of events – whether domestically or abroad – is what reaches people and shapes their opinions. To help achieve nuanced reporting, we bring journalists together for encounters across national borders. Whether it is young journalists or editors in chief, conferences or workshops lasting several days, informational and research trips or training programs of several months – in our media projects, we support personal exchange and experiencing other countries.

International Education

International experience broadens one's own horizons, breaks down prejudices, and makes it possible to act responsibly in a globalized world. That's why it is our vision that experience abroad becomes a natural part of growing up for every young person in Europe. In order to achieve this goal, we work toward improving the general educational policy conditions for international student and youth exchange.

In this context, our focus is on training educators and specialists, improving the collaboration between school-based and extracurricular exchanges, as well as appealing to new groups, such as in vocational training. In addition, by supporting concrete exchange programs, we put the spotlight on countries that young people otherwise rarely consider for a foreign exchange, such as Japan, India, Turkey, or Russia. At the same time, we convey a realistic and up-to-date image of Germany to those active in the educational system in other countries.

International Cultural Exchange

International cultural exchange allows people to experience cultural diversity as an enrichment and invites them to change their perspectives. Professionals in the cultural sector who are active on an international level play a key role in this regard. We support artistic works and projects that deal with important social issues and lead to improved understanding between cultures. We encourage the activities of those active in the cultural sector by supporting their training and mobility as well as their collaboration in cross-border and cross-sectoral networks.

The focus here is on literature, film, and theater, as well as projects in the fields of urban development, youth culture, and social innovation.

Academia and Public Policy

Global challenges require joint solutions. In this vein, we confront the relevant issues of our time with interdisciplinary and multilateral approaches by making collaboration between academics and decision-makers possible. We generate new ideas for an international community of learning and strengthen the basis for well-founded, sustainable decisions. Our goal is to support the use of academic expertise in political decision-making processes in a bilateral or multilateral context. Furthermore, we promote a multilateral dialog between active members of various sectors and, as such, the collaboration between various countries. In addition, our programs enhance foreign policy expertise and improve cooperation across party lines, as well as help create a new generation of political decision-makers with an international focus.

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