Bellevue Programme

The benefits

The intensity and duration of the work placement abroad during the Bellevue Programme provides participants with the opportunity for personal and professional qualification in a form that cannot be achieved in national administration systems. At the same time, the programme offers the home institutions an additional tool for long-term staff development. This helps the participating ministries prepare their civil servants for leadership responsibilities with a European focus.
During their work assignment abroad, the Bellevue Fellows can establish long-lasting relations between the expert departments in their home and host countries, relations that can be of benefit for both departments. Personal contacts across borders will help improve informal exchange about policy issues, cooperation in multilateral working groups and the joint preparation of European monitoring and regulatory initiatives.

The member states of the European Union face different challenges when dealing with policy issues of both an economic-technical and legal nature, which is often due to their different historical and economic backgrounds. Intensive work in the host institution will enable the Bellevue Fellows to understand developments in their host country and discover approaches to solutions that may be used back home.  Being host to a Bellevue Fellow is also a good investment for the institution concerned. In addition to playing a responsible role in day-to-day business, the Fellow can also contribute experience and expertise from the home country and provide a fresh perspective on national procedures and topics. The Bellevue Fellows benefit not only from enhanced professional development, but also from broadening their personal horizons by living and working in a foreign country, where they will also acquire proficiency in a foreign language.