PiK - Professionals in Day Care Centers
Education in Early Childhood

PiK - Professionals in Day Care Centers

A Program to Professionalize Early Childhood Educators

Over the past few years, the demands on early childhood caregivers have risen dramatically. In part due to the introduction of a formal state curriculum and the legal right to care for children less than three years old, which goes into effect in Germany in 2013, professional caregivers are constantly facing new challenges. In order to master all these tasks, qualified personnel working in this field need to receive comprehensive training based on the latest scientific findings pertaining to early childhood education.

The PiK program - which stands for "Profis in Kitas" in German, or "Professionals in Day Care Centers" - was the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s first large-scale initiative in the field of early childhood education. The goal of the program is to professionalize early childhood educators. To achieve this goal, five institutions of higher learning were selected to develop degree programs relating to teaching, caretaking, and educating young children. During the entire period of the project, the PiK partner universities focused on central issues related to early childhood curriculum and teaching methods.

The aim of the program is to increase the quality of the entire system of early childhood teaching, caretaking, and education for children between 0 and 10 years of age by developing new vocational programs and advanced training courses. The focus of these reform efforts is on training early childhood educators at universities, since the pedagogical quality of day care centers can only be improved by tying research, education, and practical experience together more closely.

The PiK-Programm ended in autumn 2011.


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