Bellevue Programme
The governments of the European Union member states face new challenges. Their activities are increasingly dictated by European legal norms, as the extension of EU competencies now also affects what were traditionally national fields of policy. At the same time, interior and security policy themes such as migration require cross-border coordination and joint action. To ensure smooth cooperation between the EU member states, senior civil servants must be prepared for an increasingly international working environment.

The Bellevue Programme provides young executives in the highest government authorities with further qualifications, foreign experience and the opportunity for exchange with colleagues from other European countries. During a 12-month internship in a partner country, participants learn about their host country’s administration structures and political decision making processes. They are expected to contribute their experience to the host authority and assume independent responsibility for their assignments.

The programme is complemented by an introductory event in Berlin and further seminars, one in Brussels, Strasbourg and Stuttgart as well as one in another partner country. The seminars communicate national and European policy knowledge and leadership competencies. Regular meetings of former fellows strengthen the network beyond the period of the actual programme.

The following countries are participating in the project: Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. Up to 12 fellows are selected each year.

The partner countries’ heads of state act as patrons of the Bellevue Programme. After a final round in 2017, the Robert Bosch Stiftung will discontinue its financial support for the programme.

Photo: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung
Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck welcomed new participants of the Bellevue Programme 13th year.
Photo: Bundesregierung
Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck welcomed new participants of the Bellevue Programme 12th year.
Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck welcomed 2012 new participants of the Bellevue Programme.
Photo: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung
Federal President Christian Wulff welcomed new participants of the Bellevue Programme in Berlin on September 8, 2011, discussing current challenges facing the European Union.
This list provides an overview over the alumni of the Bellevue Programme and their respective host institions during their programme year.

If you wish to contact an alumnus/alumna, please contact the partner institution of the alumnus' host country.

I. programme year (2004/2005)

  • Araújo, Joana Espírito Santo (PT): Federal Ministry of the Interior (DE)
  • Dr. Cottone, Rosita (DE): European Science Foundation (FR)
  • Gras, Andrzej (PL): Federal Ministry of Finance (DE)
  • Santos, Maria João (PT): Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (DE)
  • Siebold, Anke (DE): Ministry of Health / Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction (PT) 

II. programme year (2005/2006)  

  • Jasch, Hans-Christian (DE): Ministry of Interior, Foreign Ministry (IT)
  • Kazuch, Mariusz (PT): Ministry of Finance (DE)
  • Milonis, Alessandro (IT): Ministry of Health (ES)
  • Németh, Erzsébet (HU): Office of the Federal President (DE) 
  • Stachowiak, Piotr (PL): Service of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Structure (ES)
  • Vajgl, Uroš (SLO): Ministry of Finance (DE)

III. programme year (2006/2007)  

  • Béki, Nándor (HU): Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (DE)
  • Frank, Florian (DE): Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Economics, Presidency (ES)
  • Gehlsen, Christina (DE): Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland (PL)
  • Gomes da Silva, Sérgio António (POR): Ministry of the Interior (GER)
  • Holló, Gábor  (HU): Ministry of Agriculture (PT)
  • Schalbert, Csilla (HU): Federal Ministry of Justice, Federal Chancellery (DE, ES)
  • Zabia de la Mata, Ana (ES): Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz) (DE)

IV. programme year (2007/2008)

  • Dissegna, Valeria (IT): Ministry of Defense (DE)
  • Flockermann, Stefanie (DE): Ministry of Finance (HU)
  • Hrustinszki, Éva (HU): Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection; Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (DE)
  • Mecsi, Diána (HU): Ministry of Justice (IT)
  • Planinsek, Mojca (SLO): Court of Audit (PT)
  • Ramusga, Lara (PT): Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (ES)
  • Scheuer, Gabriele (DE): Ministry of Justice (SLO)
  • Silveira, Ângelo (PT): Ministry of Culture (IT)
  • Steglich, Friederike (DE): Office of the Prime Minister (PL)
  • Wolańska, Marta (PL): Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ES)

V. programme year (2008/2009)

  • Camára López, Elvira (ES): National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (IT)
  • Cvetkovic, Lidija (SLO): Ministry of the Presidency (ES)
  • Dr. Diehl, Oliver (DE): Ministry of Environment and Ocean and Territory protection (IT)
  • Duarte, Rui Fernandes (PT): Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (DE)
  • García Wolfrum, Silvia (ES): Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (DE)
  • Geith, Ulrike (DE): Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (PL)
  • Gronowalska, Bozena Agnieszka (PL): Portuguese Institute for Development Support, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PT)
  • Perko, Dunja (SLO): Ministerio de Administraciones Publicas/Ministerio de la Presidencia (ES)
  • Piva, Pier Luigi (IT): Federal Ministry of the Interior (DE)
  • Sashalmi, Eva (HU): Ministry of Environment and Water, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (DE)
  • Sweklej, Magdalena (PL): Italian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policy (IT)
  • Trapani, Marcella (IT): Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Sciences and Technology (ES)

VI. programme year (2009/2010)

  • Galizia, Serena (IT): Federal Ministry of the Interior (DE)
  • Hrastelj, Gasper (SLO): German Commission for UNESCO (DE)
  • Dr. Koppernock, Martin (DE): Ministry for Labour and Social Policy (PL)
  • Lisa, Patrícia (PT): Ministry of Transports (ES)
  • López Calvo, María José (ES): Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (DE)
  • Marinko, Lejla (SLO): Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (IRE)
  • Ságvári, Adám (HU): Federal Ministry of Justice (DE)
  • Szczypek, Marek (PL): Ministry of the Presidency (ES)
  • Trocini, Stefania (IT): Federal Ministry of Finance (DE)

VII. programme year (2010/2011)

  • Ács, Vera Judit (HU): Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Ministry of Family, Olders, Women and Youth (DE)
  • Candura, Donatella (IT): Ministry of Labour and Immigration (ES)
  • De Francesco, Giuliana (IT): Institute for Museum Research, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (DE)
  • Faria, Cláudia (PT): Ministry of Foreign Affaires (IT)
  • Fehér, Laura (HU): Ministry of Finance (PT)
  • Gargiulo, Marina (IT): Museo National Reina Sofia-Madrid (ES)
  • Kożuchowska, Aneta (PL): Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (DE)
  • Krtelj, Nina (SLO): Federal Ministry of Health (DE)
  • López-Menchero Diez, Fernando (ES): Ministry of Regional Development (PL)
  • Ruiz Bustos, Mónica (ES): Tropical Research Institute (IICT) (PT)
  • Végh, Viktória (HU): Department of Justice and Law Reform (IRE)

VIII. programme year (2011/2012)

  • Brummet, Carolin (DE): Ministry of Employment and Social Security (ES)
  • Di Carli, Paolo (IT): Irish Revenue – Tax and Customs (IRE) 
  • Dudzic, Pawel (PL): Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (DE) 
  • Eggert, Erik (DE): Ministry of Economics (HU) 
  • László, András (HU): Department of the Taoiseach – Prime Minister (IRE)
  • Marcote Buituron, Juan Marcos (ES): Port and Maritime Transport Institute (PT) 
  • Miranda, Liliana (PT): Federal Ministry of the Interior (DE) 
  • Pereira, Susana (PT): Ministry of Health and Social Policy (ES) 
  • Relogio de Sousa, Paulo Miguel (PT): Court of Audit (SLO) 
  • Schön, Harald (DE): Department of Justice & Equality and Defence (IRE) 
  • Vilaplana, Pilar (ES): Commissioner for Culture and the Media (DE)

IX. programme year (2012/2013)

  • Branco, Telma (PT): Ministry of Ecology (FR)
  • Costa, Raquel (PT): Federal Ministry of Education and Research (DE)
  • Dell'Aversano, Ambra (IT): Ministry of Finance (FR)
  • Parmentier, Dr. Miriam (DE): Ministry of Finance (IT)
  • Godina, Robert (SI): Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (IRE)
  • Hackethal, Michael (DE): Ministry of Economy (PL)
  • Mendes, Maria (PT): Department of Education and Skills (IRE)
  • Moro, Tamas (HU): Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (DE)
  • Olivares Merchan, Maria (ES): Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (IRE)
  • Sanchez Martinez, Jesus (ES): Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (DE)
  • Scalia, Rosalinda (IT): Spain Agency for Food safety (Ministry of Agriculture) (ES)
  • Szlifirska, Marta (PL): Ministry of Public Affairs (FR)

X. programme year (2013/2014)

  • Curk Accetto, Staša (SVN): Ministry of Justice (PT)
  • Irsane, Samira (FR): Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (IT)
  • Király, Erzsébet (HU): Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (IRE)
  • Koufen, Katharina (DE): Ministry of Education and Science (PT)
  • Lite Mateo, Ana (ES): The Department of Justice and Equality (IRE)
  • Piaskowski, Noémie (FR): Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (PL)
  • Redinha, Cláudia Maduro (PT): Ministry of Justice and the Defender of Rights (FR)
  • Severino, Ana Patricia (PT): The Federal Goverment Commissioner for Culture and Media (DE)
  • Venturini, Flavia (IT): Ministry of Finance (FR)
  • Wierzbicka, Agnieszka (PL): Office of the Federal President (DE)

XI. programme year (2014/2015)

  • Alves Pacheco, Vanda (PT): Department for Social Protection (IRE)
  • Bader, Agata (PL): Federal Ministry of Education and Research (DE)
  • Berencsi, Miklós (HU): Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (IRE)
  • Błaszczak, Małgorzata (PL): Presidency of the Council of Ministers (IT)
  • Calabozo Garrido, Ana (ES): Ministry of Finance (FR)
  • Clemens, Nicolas (FR): Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (DE)
  • Darmon, Emmanuelle (FR): Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (IRE)
  • Felicetti, Roberto (IT): Federal Ministry of Finance (DE)
  • Geppert, Christophe (FR): Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (PL)
  • Marín Andréu, Ana Ángeles (ES): Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (DE)
  • Parizán, Anna (HU): Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (ES)
  • Vieira Ferreira de Almeida, Patricia Isabel (PT): Ministry of Decentralization and the Civil Service (FR)

XII. programme year (2015/2016)

  • Ágostházy, Szabolcs (HU): Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (IRE)
  • Behrendt, Britta (DE): Ministry of the Interior (IT)
  • De Simone, Giuseppe (IT): Office of the Revenue Commissioners (IRE)
  • Dziedzic, Wojciech (PL): Federal Ministry for Education and Research (DE)
  • Enfedaque Díaz, Laura (ES): Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry (FR)
  • Gimbert, Virginie (FR): Office of the Federal President (Bundespräsidialamt) (DE)
  • González Martínez, David (ES): Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education: Secretary – General of the Ministry (PT)
  • Grobenski, Zdenko (DE): Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (IT)
  • Labronço Cabana, Ana Rita (PT): The Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (FR)
  • Mihelič, Kristjana (SLO): National Treasury Management Agency (IRE)
  • Perrin, Jean-Baptiste (FR): Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DE)
  • Redondo Álvarez, Mónica (ES): Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (IT)