Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference

We are looking for young animators to travel through the whole of France to encourage French school pupils to get to know and to study the German culture and language.

The primary aim of the initiative is to give the pupils a more appealing, welcoming, and up-to-date image of Germany than the one they currently have, which tends to be somewhat one-sided. In lighthearted lessons, the animators make German culture and the German language accessible to the French pupils using techniques such as play-based learning, music, soccer-related word games, and a suitcase full of typical German objects. There are no limits to the imagination!

The animators are also busy outside of school life: at book fairs, at the Franco-German Forum in Strasbourg, and at event series such as German weeks and German teachers’ conferences.

In cooperation with the individual school administrations, the animators travel throughout the regions of France. They are currently affiliated with the cultural institutions of the Federation of Franco-German Houses, branches of the Goethe-Institut, and French regional authorities in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Caen, Dijon, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Paris, and Toulouse.

Since 2002, groups of 12 young French people have been coming to Germany every year as part of the partner program FranceMobil to get German students excited about France and the French language. is a joint project by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Franco-German Youth Office, the Federation of Franco-German Houses and the German Academic Exchange Service, supported by Mercedes-Benz France and the Goethe-Institute.


Matthias Wandel
Program Officer
Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk (DFJW)
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Phone: +49 (0)30 28875754

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