The Support We Offer

Inquiry and Grant Request

In order to enable timely and appropriate processing of applications, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with our funding principles, areas of support, exclusion criteria, and the application process before you submit your inquiry.

First Step: Inquiry

Forms for first-time applications for third-party projects are available for download. In the document you will find our questions about your project idea and the e-mail addresses to which you can send your inquiry. Past experience in processing applications has shown that project ideas are evaluated swiftly if the application is limited to a short inquiry of two pages length. Inquiries will be accepted in German and English.

Second Step: Grant Request

We generally inform applicants within four weeks whether a project will be accepted for further examination. The application must then be substantiated in greater detail. In our response, we provide suggestions which, however, do not yet imply a decision to accept the project.

(Please use this form only once requested by the foundation and only if the respective program pages do not include an invitation to apply. Grant requests will be accepted in German and English.)
Please note: The forms can best be opened in newer versions of MS Office (Office 2007 onwards).