Our Magazine "Together"

The work of the Foundation would not be possible without the collaboration with partners. Our allies know local people and conditions better than we do. When working with them, we connect different people so that they can achieve great things together. We are dedicating our current magazine to them and our partners.
Robert Bosch Stiftung | December 2017
Cover of the current magazine and two little girls painting
One plus one is two. That much we all can agree on. But in real life, things are not always that simple, nor can they always be expressed in mathematical terms. Our day-to-day work at the Foundation clearly demonstrates that having the right combination of partners delivers added value.

We often actively collaborate with partners. Our allies have better first-hand knowledge of the local people and conditions than we do. They have experience we do not have, and they have established structures which we can use. The work of the Robert Bosch Stiftung would not be possible without such partners. We are dedicating our current magazine to them as a way to thank them for their fantastic cooperation and confidence in us!

The Highlights of the Magazine in the Multimedia Edition

Cover and several pages of the magazine "Together"

The Magazine "Together"