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Photos: Lennart Helal 
Thoralf Heber is proud. The amateur model maker was able to complete his barque before his last INSEA session.
As part of his INSEA course, Heber had set himself the target of working on his model ship for at least an hour, three days per week. The individual targets that all participants and course instructors set each week are a central component of the course.
Thoralf Heber attended the INSEA course together with his wife. It supports them both in actively coping with his disease, improving their quality of life, and organizing their day-to-day life.
Tips for a balanced, healthy, and enjoyable diet are also part of the INSEA course program – an aspect that Heber was eager to try out for himself.
As a former chef, he prepares his meals with fresh ingredients himself ...
... and has been eating and enjoying them mindfully since his diagnosis.
The pensioner also gets pleasure and relaxation from his model railway.