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Photos: Anita Back 
Barbara Hans, Spiegel Online:
"The media forum’s special format offers a one-time opportunity to talk with colleagues from China and the United States in an open and trusting dialog, to question your own view on things, and to take a closer look at issues that might appear to be matters of course. The continuity is particularly special: it makes it possible to build upon debates from previous years, to discuss any changes, and then gain insights into the political and societal changes from three different perspectives. For me, being able to take part is very enriching."
Wolfgang Krach, Süddeutsche Zeitung:
"Meeting colleagues from China and the USA is a great opportunity to share experiences, get impressions and learn from each other. Also, the meeting offers the chance to overcome prejudices, that probably most of us have, and replace them with well-founded appraisals."
Manfred Hart, BILD:
"'The Chinese would vote for Merkel.' - This Chinese Participant's statement is suprising and reveals the forum's atmosphere with German, American, and Chinese colleagues. Trump, Xi, free trade, fake news, newspapers at the edge, terror, North Korea - intensive, open-minded, and often hard-fought discussions with passionate journalists from different media cultures."
Joachim Dorfs, Stuttgarter Zeitung:
The discussions were extremely stimulated by extending the group of participants with Americans. First, the trilateral approach offers new perspectives. Second, topics can be discussed differently. This became especially clear, when the media's development was on the agenda. We didn't focus a lot on China, this time we reflected ourselves and did self-criticism."
Andreas Cichowicz, NDR:
"Hearing, understanding, and respecting other perspectives - for me, that’s the core value of this media forum!"
Ines Pohl, Deutsche Welle:
"I have never experienced anything like it - people from China, the United States, and Germany sitting at one table and not just complaining about the shortcomings of the other countries. Instead, the participants were astoundingly self-critical and addressed their own mistakes. This creates openness, a feeling of esteem. This, in turn, also creates the opportunity to truly improve how we deal with each other!"
Andreas Wunn, ZDF:
"It is nothing less than a privilege to be a part of the China-Germany-USA Media Forum with top-notch colleagues. Open discussions, valuable insights, and long-term relationships - it all allows the three countries on three different continents to come a bit closer together."
Birgit Wentzien, Deutschlandfunk:
"It was my first time and I was able to benefit greatly from the level of trust among the partners. The participants maintain a standard of openness and readiness for debate that is really noteworthy. We listen to each other and provide answers. We accept each other along with the individual perspective and story. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the discussions!"