Baladiya in Freiburg

Stadtentwickler in der Solarsiedlung in Freiburg
Photos: Martin Geier 
Cities are the space where everyday life takes place. Elisabeth Botsch, Baladiya program director, states: "Sustainable urban development is the key to the future, because the focus is on the future from the beginning - the planning phase - as well as during execution. Planners have to consider things like energy efficiency, mobility, and participation."
Architektin Ranya Kilani
Ranya Kilani (right background) is the head architect in the Béni Khiar community in Tunisia. During her visit to Freiburg, she is particularly interested in how citizens can take part in urban development.
 Solarsiedlung in Freiburg
Program director Elisabeth Botsch explains: "Unlike Germany, all three countries involved in the Baladiya program are experiencing enormous population growth. There are many young people as well as unemployed people. On top of that, effects of climate change are already palpable there, and local urban development has to take that into account."
Baladiya Teilnehmer im Gespräch.
Baladiya will soon begin its fourth iteration. "I get the feeling that we are gradually approaching critical mass with Baladiya. I think we can now say that it is really making a difference," says Botsch.