Impressions from the project workshop

Gruppenfoto der Yallah Projektteilnehmer
Photos: Manuel Frauendorf 
Participants from all over Germany came together for the Yallah! project workshop in Berlin.
Younes von den Datteltätern
Comedian Younes from the Youtube channel Datteltäter was a guest at the workshop and talked about the topic "Muslims in the internet".
Yallah Teilnehmer im Gespräch mit Younes
Afterwards he took time to chat with the participants.
Gruppe beim Seminar
The two-day workshop is an important part of Yallah! besides the fianncial support of the projects.
In the seminars, participants learned more about fundraising, press relations, and organizational development.
Teilnehmer im Gespräch bei der Yallah Projektwerkstatt
Between seminars, participants had the chance to exchange views and experiences.
Aysel Ceylan und Ezadin Naiem vom Projekt Open (f)air Iftar
Aysel Ceylan (left) and Ezadin Naiem (right) from the project Open (f)air Iftar.