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Photos: David Ausserhofer/Deutsche Nationalstiftung 
Paul (16), Slovakia
"For me, Europe is a community above all else. Although we may come from different countries and speak different languages, I believe that we are all the same, more or less. Our differences shouldn’t separate us. On the contrary, we actually need our differences."
Jasmijn (16), Netherlands
"I want to improve my German and get to know other countries and cultures. Europe is a great place to do that. On top of that, European cooperation is good for the economy."
Olivia (17), Poland
"My home is part of Europe – it’s where my family lives and a place where I feel safe and free. What’s more, we need each other in Europe to learn respect and tolerance!"
Mate (19), Hungary
"I have already been to several European countries and learned about many different people and traditions along the way. But above all, I felt like I was at home in all of them. You might say that Europe is one big home for me."
Johannes (16), Germany
"For me, Europe and the EU represent peace, community, and cohesion between different countries – so it’s important that we take up the banner for Europe so it doesn’t disintegrate once again into isolated nations."
Zsuzsa (19), Hungary
"I know that Europe is made up of many different countries – but I usually think of it as just one big country."
Peter (19), Italy
"The first thing I see in Europe is potential. The EU isn’t especially stable at the moment – we need to grow together and not only focus on economic issues. I think citizens from all countries would ultimately benefit from that."
Andriyan (20), Bulgaria
"Europe represents peace, human rights, diversity, freedom, Erasmus – all those things. We cannot take that for granted. It might sound dramatic, but we have to fight for and defend that!"