Portraits and Articles

Photos: Anita Back 
Bernd Eberhart, freelance journalist

Bernd Eberhart is a freelance science journalist based in southern Germany. As a biologist, he is mainly interested in ecology, neurology and agriculture. He also writes on educational and technology topics and has so far published in publications like Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung or Bild der Wissenschaft. During his stay in India, he wants to learn and write about organic agriculture in India, the country’s efforts to become one of the leaders in science worldwide and the ever-present clash between economic development and environmental issues – and about its possible solutions.

During his stay in India he will be closely working with the editorial team of The Wire in Dehli.

Martin Jahrfeld, freelance journalist

Martin Jahrfeld is a freelance journalist based in Berlin with a focus on business affairs and economic transformation. He has written extensively about media and marketing, travel and tourism, or the digital transformation of the retail industry. He has worked for several German business magazines such as werben & verkaufen, Fvw international, acquisa and for newspapers like taz, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Zeit. Furthermore, he loves to write pieces about his travels. From 2014 to 2017 he has worked as deputy editor-in-chief for Handelsjournal, a special interest magazine for the German Retail Industry. In 2017 he received the „Fachjournalist des Jahres“ award by the Council of Deutsche Fachpresse. 

During his stay in India he will be closely working with the editorial team of Money Control in Mumbai.

Jessika Knauer, freelance journalist

Jessika Knauer is a Berlin-based journalist and editor. Most recently, she worked as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ARTE magazine, the periodical of the European TV channel ARTE, and acted as the conduit between the Berlin editing team and the Franco-German editorial departments at ARTE. She is currently supporting the research and realization of a documentary film. She is mostly into long-form narratives and specialized on reports and features on cultural, social, and knowledge-related topics like environment, science and history. During her stay in India, she plans to research the business of spirituality, the Indian production of cashmere and the culture of the Anglo-Indian minority.

During her stay in India she will be closely working with the editorial team of The Hindu in Kolkata.

Natalie Mayroth, freelance journalist

Natalie Mayroth is currently working as a freelance journalist and photographer for print media as taz, die Tageszeitung, as well as for different online media such as Bento/ Spiegel Online or Vice Media. Next to women and social issues her main interests are art, media and music topics. She graduated in 2014 from Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich with a master’s degree. Natalie has been a fellow of the Media Ambassadors China exchange program for journalists and will continue her research on women and the impact of digitalization on India.

During her stay in India she will be closely working with the editorial team of The Hindu in Mumbai.

Holger Schäfer, TV author

Holger Schäfer works as TV author for ZDF and SWR and reports on political, cultural and scientific subjects. Recently he covered the challenges of refugees in Germany and the development of the health system. He has been to India a couple of times, worked as a teacher for TV journalism and German language in Margao and has written for the Website of Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan in Delhi. His reporting in India will focus on the conditions of the rivers, the consequences of mining bans in the hill regions, if and how the living together of people from different religions and cultures in India works.

During his stay in India he will be closely working with the editorial team of India Today TV in Delhi.

Antje Stiebitz, freelance journalist

Antje Stiebitz is a freelance journalist and has published in newpapers and magazines like the Berliner Zeitung, P.M.-Magazin or Deutsche Universitätszeitung (duz). At the moment, she is working mainly for the radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur, writing for different radio-programmes like Religionen, Zeitfragen or Weltzeit. Her main areas of interest are religion and South Asia, migration and social inclusion, environmental issues and dance.

During her stay in India she intends to focus on the understanding of patriotism and nationalism in India and will be closely working with the editorial team of the Indian Express in Delhi.

Markus Wanzeck, Managing Editor, Natur

Markus Wanzeck is managing editor of Natur, a monthly magazine with a focus on nature, environment and sustainable living. He also works as an author for Zeitenspiegel, a reporter and photographer’s cooperative and is chairman of the German-Chinese Media Network, an association founded by alumni of the journalists exchange programme "Media Ambassadors China - Germany". During his time as a fellow of the “Media Ambassadors China – Germany” program, he worked as a guest journalist at the state-owned newspaper China Daily in Beijing in 2009. Since then, he has returned to China every year.

During his stay in India, he wants to find out more about India's environment problems - and solutions and will be closely working with the editorial team of Down to Earth in Delhi.

Nicola Wettmarshausen, freelance journalist

Nicola Wettmarshausen is a freelance science journalist based near Tübingen. She studied chemistry, fine arts and scientific filmmaking. So far, she has contributed to the German and Swiss Radio on a wide range of topics like biogas in Africa, particulate matter, green and social businesses, citizen science projects etc. Simultaneously, she has also produced videos mostly on science and environmental topics.

During her time in India, she plans to cover environmental issues and wants to find out more about the DIY- and makercommunity in India. She will be closely working with the editorial team of FirstPost in Mumbai.