"Jobmesse – Unternehmen treffen Flüchtlinge" – Aus Frustration wird Motivation

Photos: Flüchtlinge in Deutschland als Akteure e.V. 
Together with local authorities and the initiative Jugendliche ohne Grenzen, young refugees from the self-organization Flüchtlinge in Deutschland als Akteure e.V. planned and organized an employment fair in Hamm. Within the framework of different workshops, people from Syria, Guinea, Somalia, Eritrea, and other countries looked at the peculiarities of the German labor market and the value of their degrees from foreign countries.
Jobmesse Unternehmen treffen Flüchtlinge
The result of these workshops was the job fair where around 230 refugees were able to introduce themselves to 35 companies and business owners. The focus here was not only on helping them find jobs and apprenticeships, but much more on allowing refugees to present themselves independently to the public.
Flüchtlinge und Ehrenamtliche bereiten die Jobmesse in Hamm vor
Many of the business owners were surprised by how motivated and well prepared the participants were. And the "mini résumés" that the refugees had put together during the seminars were a particularly big hit.
Workshop mit Flüchtlingen in Hamm
Integration into the labor market does not depend merely on just having any job - it also means finding a job that matches the employee’s qualifications. "A refugee from Afghanistan, for example, worked in the logistics sector for many years and is now completing an industrial manager apprenticeship in the logistics sector. Ultimately, this will enable him to take advantage of his previous experiences and skills," explains Dominik Zurloh, one of the organizers of the project.
Workshop mit Flüchtlingen in Hamm
Many of the participants now have a concrete idea of the professional path they would like to follow in Germany and how they can achieve that.

At the employment fair, the refugees were able to introduce themselves rather than being brokered to the employers by someone else. This enabled many to gain access to the job market and receive concrete offers for apprenticeships, trainee positions, and even actual jobs. This process would not have gone so quickly without the direct, personal contact - and that is grounds for motivation.