Migrantpolitan – Kultur von, für und mit Migranten

Zwei Musiker bei Oriental Karaoke
Photos: Anja Beutler 
Anas Aboura, in Hamburg as a refugee himself, is one of the organizers of the karaoke night and other events: "At a movie night, it is easy for people to start a conversation. You watch the movie, and then you talk about it."
Migrantpolitan-Gebäude von außen
"The difficult part is funding the event and getting people excited about it", Aboura says.
Sänger bei Oriental Karaoke
Verschiedene Teams aus Hamburger Künstlern und dem Refugee Radio Network wechseln sich bei der Organisation von Veranstaltungen ab.
Tanzende Menschen bei Oriental Karaoke
Various teams of artists from Hamburg and the Refugee Radio Network take turns organizing events. The focus is placed on giving migrants a voice with which they can actively participate in the cultural life of Hamburg.
Refugee Voices Show
Photo: Janto Rößner 
"Many people have said that it isn’t possible, but we persevered. We don’t wait until we’re given an opportunity - we take them. Integration is not a one-way street; it has to go both ways," says Larry Macaulay, founder of the Refugee Radio Network.